One genuine smile for the kindness

One handshake for the new success

One small step for the new beginning

Breath in and out for the new challenge ( wink*)


Forget the fear it’s just a crutch
That tries to hold you back
And turn your dreams to dust
All you need to do is just trust

‘ Her Aura ‘


She had a brain , a mind and soul. They all work fined.Her Aura flows simply natural as what flows in her heart.

She was a person with colors, A rainbow color maybe knowing her will shows her real color.

She grows matured and beautiful, but behind it she was a sensitive child, who loves to rides on her own animated life.

She handle situations well, like she got the strongest power in whole world. She was friendly, a little bit envy.

Her short stories can make herself define, without judging her looks which sometimes we look. she stand out like a brightest star in the skies.

She put all her efforts.In all the things she works.

She’s quite afraid or maybe she dont want to get involve, involve in trouble. Not letting her guard down not even in a single time.

Her spirituals Aura inspires, she believes in her creator She got all the love of her Savior. Even she cant attend service, Word of God is already tattoed in her life.

” daydreaming “


​Lying on my bed thinking a boring tale

Getting into the world of fairytale

Wanting to vanished into the midst

Sicked of these room filled with quiteness 

All i see is darkness

The place called for silence

Feeling millions of emotions

My heart drummed wildly against my chest

Trying to break free from my rib cage

Im entering the world of strangers

Afraid to face the danger

Dont want to go back from the start

Dont want someone to kidnap my heart

Love is not something i can afford

Up until i reach my goals

My way of thinking is always flying

Especially when im  daydreaming 

Like out of direction with no solutions

Let me stop this illusion

if your happiness is out of that door i understand


Why did you opened it up?

Now its freaking me out

Its been ten years, i dont know him

Remembering again those shouting

Then found out two of you are fighting

His holding a gun pointing to you mom

Frozen and shocked feeling a heart attack

Both of you wont stop

The superman of my life turns into

His eyes are full of flame and anger 

Shaking my head not believing

Am i dreaming?

And after those years i live with fear

Living us with dispair, his so unfair

This fate is moving without knowing

Hoping this hatred will turns out to forgiving

“I like you”



This thought was not right. ” i am not myself ” to say this.So funny how i feel, a little difficult but real.I cant trust but i can see how you make feel this way.I want to take control now i’m feeling a fool.Butterflies inside of me is just crazy, Maybe ill tell you one day.








” Mama “


Your name is what i keep calling, wondering what you’re now doing

shed a tear knowing you’re not here

A child missing your warm touch , i miss you so much

I miss going home, i miss you all alone

I miss to tell you my stories, I miss to bake you cookies

You brought me to life , showing the world’s light

Like a  light on a firefly your love glows, accepting  all my  flaws

With your embrace and kisses, feeling all safeness

Wont forget what your saying all the time

” Your behavior will be measured when no one is Watching ” 

The Lesson which i’m always keeping

Sorry if i may  lie but you know i cant hide

And Mama don’t be mad i’m not sad

Words may not be enough to thank you, so let me love you

I love you MAMA …